Final Composite P1

Car photography – Composite photography

A couple of weeks ago I have tried one of my first composite car photos. The technique consists of taking any car shot and to fuse it with a nice background.

I’ll shortly wrap up here how I did it. Let’s start with the final image (click on it for a larger view):

Final Composite P1
Final Composite P1

To go there I took 2 shots I had available.

A. A nice road I had shot during my South Africa holidays. Approx. 2km down the road you reach “Cape of good hope”:

Road to “Cape of good hope” in South Africa

B. A picture of a nice car. Here a McLaren P1 parked during the McLaren owners event I attended in Tuscany, earlier this year:

McLaren P1 parked

Then we start. First I take the background image, the road in SA, and apply a special motion blur. The “special blur” is an accelerated blur, meaning the applied blur is stronger in the closer areas of the image, less important in the background. That is the effect you get when you shot a picture form a vehicle in motion. The image then looks like this:

Cape Road Blurred
Road images with special motion blur

In the next step I “extract” the car image from the parking. I cut out the car itself and the shadow. These two elements I past on the blurred background:

Cape Road Blurred and car
P1 pasted onto the blurred background

Of course, at that stage, the image does not yet look realistic. So quite some photo-shopping is required:

  1. The wheels of the car need also radial blur
  2. The color tones do not yet match (car and background) and need to be adjusted to fit
  3. The car slightly drives off road (in the dirt), so I added some dust clouds
  4. A nice sun blur added and
  5. An exhaust flame added for some more effect.

Voilà, that’s it. Hope you like it. More to come……

McLaren P1

Article McLaren P1 in “Automobiles Classiques”

During the tour in Tuscany with the McLaren F1 owners club in may, we also had the opportunity to test drive McLaren P1. Christian Rochet, with whom I went to Italy wrote an article for the French car magazine “Automobiles Classiques” (July/August 2014 edition). I delivered the photos for 6 side spread.

Here a view on the article: Automobiles Classiques July 2014 P1

Find some more of my McLaren photos here: McLaren P1 or P1 on 500px



McLaren P1

McLaren P1

As I told you, I have spent 4 days in Italy. First we’ve been to the Concours d’Elegance at Villa d’Este, Lake Como. Then we went further south to Siena, Tuscany. Here I joined the McLaren F1 Owner Club for their 2014 meeting. Besides some McLaren F1, F1 GTR, 650S and MP4′s they brought along two McLAren P1. One was the yellow VP5 (Prototype 5) of the McLaren Special Operations Team and a private blue one. Here some pictures I could take of the P1 VP5:


Photo Tour starts tomorrow

Tomorrow 8am I’m starting direction Cernobbio, Lake Como, to the Concorso d’Eleganza. Shooting Saturday and Sunday. Then heading down direction Sienna, Tuscany. There will be an event at the hotel Borgo Santo Pietro. I’ll stay till Tuesday. Will share pictures here soon! Stay tuned.


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